Early May 2010

15 May

The First Big Push:

We make a first attempt to clear vegetation and dig out as much as we can. Five of us get stuck in and make some interesting finds.

The faded remains of the legal lettering: "Leicester City Transport, Charles Stafford - General Manager"

Adrian and Mike make headway on clearing the roof.

Adrian, Paul, Barrie and Steve - A smile before we realise how heavy the upper deck side section really is!!

A bell push - still wired in.

With the upper deck side panel now removed Paul gets stuck in to sweeping all the soil and dust away. Various treadboards are revealed still in situ and it becomes clear where the seats were all fixed.

A detail view of the interior makes an interesting comparison to the interior shot featured on the Car 31 page when new.

The lower saloon breathes a sigh of relief as the weight has been removed.

There was about 10 inches of compacted hay and straw to move (and a concrete feeder) before we finally see floorboards. The square hole would have had a removable hatch that could be lifted to expose the truck and traction motors.

"Tickets Please!" A good handful was to be found in the area that would have been the gap between backrest and seat. Obviously a good place to slide a ticket into to save taking it home!

A close up of a ticket and the reversed side carrying an advert for Allsopps 'John Bull' - A beer that was a product of nearby Burton Upon Trent.

At the south end of the car the absence of floorboards reveals part of the brake gear.

Buried in the hay was this brass fitting. It looks to be a bracket that used to hold a grab rail of leather straps and a cord for the bell.

... and here's a leather strap from the grab rail!

The first of several Half-Penny coins - this ones dated 1938. A ticket to travel would have been 1 and a 1/2d.

A notice requesting standing passengers to move towards the front platform still legible on the sliding door.

Located in the hay, these are not what you think they are!! They are actually the protective coverings that would have been fitted over an electrical join. A bit like insulation tape today! The wires have rotted away but the join is still there!

After this we decided a cup of tea was needed!

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