28th May 2010.

28 May

Having cleared the roof and the rubble we have taken the weight off the structure but we have left it exposed to the elements, more so than it was before. When a wooden structure is left out in the elements for 60 years the rain is surprisingly not the biggest worry, the big problem is actually the sun and the danger that the body could dry out and crumble. With the fantastic heat-wave we are experiencing we decide to soak the car in water and then cover it over with plastic to create its own eco-system….

We bought over 100ft of hose pipe to be able to reach the car and then gave it a good soaking. No hopes of the tram growing as we water it but it did put a new spin on the term water-car!

Once soaking wet we fitted sheets of plastic to trap the moisture in and stop the car from drying out.

A bit more fencing that looks distinctly tramcar! I wish we knew which car it was off - it'll certainly be re-used.

You couldn't plan this kind of co-incidence but as we were clearing up we were visited by a couple who came to visit the farmer. They just happened to be visiting but it turned out that this lady is the daughter of the driver of Leicester's 'Last Tram'!! Sadly we only had time for one quick photograph and we never caught her name! We will confirm this on a later visit though. Who would of thought that would happen whilst working on the tramcar?!

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