12th June 2010.

12 Jun

Today we visited with the intention of removing all the decorative features that make up the ceiling of the lower saloon. This we did successfully after photo documenting every inch. It was a long day but a very fruitful one; 95% of the items removed can be re-used in the restoration which was pleasing. We also discovered how the car was converted from an open topper to an enclosed vehicle. When the cars were converted it was reported that they had to lose 3 inches in ceiling height in the lower saloon. As we removed various panels we could see the cut and join lines where the 3 inches were taken out and re-joined. Incredible!

Here is a stitched view that shows the ceiling before we began to remove anything. You can clearly se the decorative carvings, painted patterns and marks where the light fittings used to be.

A stitched view made up of many detailed photos reveals many decorative features in excellent condition. (Click to expand)

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