15th June 2010.

15 Jun

More decorative trim removing; and some great finds!

With the decorative trimmings taken down for labeling and safe storage we expose the original colour of the wood - it's stunning!

Our next exciting find was this roller blind still rolled up and in situ! It would have been sprung originally. It was found inside a cavity behind some decorative trimming. It had been rolled up and the end had passed through the slot so it could not be got at easily. This is probably why it has survived in such good condition. The others have all rotted away but this one is complete. It's as if somebody pulled the blind right down and then let go - the end result being it had shot up and rolled over itself so nobody else could pull it down again.

A close up of the original material in the blind; the colours are amazing. We think this is the original 1904 fabric. If you study the interior picture on the 'Car 31' tab it reveals a similar pattern on the blind.

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