28th July 2010.

28 Jul

A visit today to remove the side valance and to discover what holds the roof to the sides. We are expecting to remove the roof and then split the sides for transport very soon. To remove the screws, which probably haven’t been undone since the car was made fully enclosed, we followed the advice of the Leeds 107 Horse Car group who are much further advanced on their project….

The screw heads are hidden behind these dowels.

With the dowel removed you can see the filler that was used to level off the countersunk screw. This red filler could be lead based.

With the filler scraped away, we uncover the screw head and clean out the slot.

No modern power tools on this project... Barrie demonstrates his newly acquired (c1895) Bit and Brace. Good old fashioned tools that would have been used in the construction of these vehicles!

A little clockwise turn to break the seal.... and then with a bit of luck, anti-clockwise and the screw comes out.

We managed to remove the trim on the damaged side of the car and half way along the good side. Then the heavens opened up and rain stopped play. Before we left for the day, I did a little cleaning…. I’d seen in a photograph taken inside the lower saloon that the fleet number was painted to the right of the sliding door at both ends and curiosity was getting the better of me.

A little spit and polish and low and behold..... it really is No.31!

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