Leeds 107 Horse Car Group Visit

18 Aug

A group visit to keep up our spirits and teach us a thing or two about tram car restoration.

Whenever you take on a project like ours you have to ask yourself has anybody done this sort of thing before? …. well after a bit of research on the internet we are pleased to discover that yes, there are others! Leeds No.107 Horse Car belongs to the Leeds Transport Historical Society and although the vehicle has been in their trust for many years it has only been in the last five years that they have been in a position to begin restoration. A small team of volunteers have been working to revive this 1898 Milnes horse car and they have made incredible progress starting out with something not too unlike our own kit of parts.

We are very grateful to Jamie, Jim and Stephen for making us so welcome and giving us a tour of their own project. We wish them well and hope that this will be the first of many visits between us. We learn a great deal and pick up some useful contacts for suppliers.

You can learn more of the Leeds No.107 Horse Car project at the following address…


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