A Small Victory…

19 Sep

Today we visited in the hope of being able to remove a bulkhead and see how it was assembled originally. We saw how it was assembled but to our disappointment the rubbing strips that hide some the important screws and bolts were fixed so tightly that the only way to remove them was to drill out the heads of the old screws. Our cordless drill soon ran out of battery power and although we learnt an awful lot we achieved only a small amount.

We did achieve more on the tidying up front – lots of clutter around the body caused us to tear our hair out a little – something we hope will be less of a problem when we move the body to our own premises.

To satisfy our curiosity further we had a poke around with a metal detector over the site where we knew another tram body used to reside on the same farm and to our pleasant surprise we discovered the remains of the brake gear which still pivoted on its mounting! We’ll come back for that later but as we get nearer to Winter – we really need to push on with the body.

A much tidier surrounding and a lot learnt - but dismanatling the bulkhead is not going to be as quick as we first thought. Which is a good thing really as it proves it is still strong!

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