“Ding Ding!”

2 Oct

A weekend visit – this time with a long wheel base van to move some of the larger parts that were getting in the way.

The Dash Panel from the South End of Car No.95 is prepared for it's first journey in 61 years. This and a few other large parts are now stored at our new home ready for examination and conservation. It will aid us when it comes to making a new template and can then be used as an exhibit in the story of the Markfield Five.

An interesting discovery under the platform at the North end of Car No.31. The remains of the warning bell to advise other road users of the presence of the tramcar. A distinctive sound now unfamiliar on the roads of today.

Carefully cut out and removed the bell is unlikely to be used in the rebuild but it shows us what to expect under the platform. With any luck there should be another 3 of these under the two bodies that are still evident. Hopefully another one will be in better condition.

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