Back to work…

29 May

Now that the group has a container on site (thanks to THS Containers of Sharnford, Leicestershire and Brindley Lift Truck Services, also of Sharnford) we are able to progress in the clear-up exercise and load the large parts of the tram that we have previously been unable to transport to our home site near Lutterworth.

It’s great to feel that things are rolling forward in such a positive way.

The wooden chassis frame, platforms and one side of the saloon await loading into the container alongside. Not much of 31 left on the farm now.

The bulk-head from the No.1 end of the lower saloon and one side of the upper deck are loaded into the container. Two examples of pieces that we really didn't want to have to dismantle further yet were too big to transport any other way.

3 thoughts on “Back to work…

  1. Excellent. Is there any way the public can contribute funds, say through direct debits. I would gladly set one up, that or a standing order.

  2. Excellent question! The Leicester Tram 31 Group is currently (it seems to be going on forever due to new anti-terrorist legislation) in the process of setting up a fund account to receive donations and grant investment. As soon as we have this in place we will post details on the website. All the best, Steve.

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