Welford Road Tram Rails Exposed

31 May

Engineers have been busy over the last few days replacing the main supply to the buildings between the City Council tower block and the Welford Road Prison. In the process they have exposed the left rail of the outward bound tram line. The rail has been cut out to allow access for laying a new pipeline. Work is being carried out by for the National Grid by AMEC as part of the Gas Alliance.

The stub of the left rail on the outward-bound line protrudes. Note also the cobble sets visible under the tarmac.

Out of Service!

Stacked up rail removed from the recently dug out trench.

One thought on “Welford Road Tram Rails Exposed

  1. This is incredible, well noticed! You can cover over the past but sometimes old things come to light I guess. Will drive slower when I go past tomorow morning.

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