Splitting your sides

23 Jun

An excellent days work today and we finally manage to lift the lower saloon side panel and move it into the container. No easy feat as it was very fragile and very very heavy!

A group shot before we removed the bolts holding it to the under frame.

The guys didn't like me taking this shot as although it seemed the right thing to do, it really needed all of us to lift the weight. They are rather forced smiles as this side panel was very heavy indeed.

and there we go... safe and snug in the container.

After the success of getting the side into the container we really went to town and tried to lift the platform and fender from the No.1 end of the car.

Ok, so we managed to lift it out of the ground but there is about half a ton of metal here - how we thought we could carry it I do not know - we took this shot and then put it back on the ground again!

We decided the best thing was to break this end down to its component parts as it was already damaged by an elder tree that had sprung up and destroyed one of the angle iron struts that held the collision fender. This is the headstock after the fender and struts had been removed.

You'd never know there was a tram here would you? Only the platform at the far end still stands

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