Remembering Car No.95

24 Jul

Having now moved all but the far platform of Car No.31 we decided to turn our attention to Car No.95 which used to sit next to No.31. (31’s remaining platform is in quite good condition and so we don’t want to dismantle it. We plan to trailer this as one lump and so it doesn’t need moving into the container).

Car No.95 arrived at Markfield as a lower saloon only and was used to keep chickens in much the same way as No.31. Infact the two cars sat side by side with chicken wire strung between them to make a pen for the chickens to run around in. There’s a lot of mulch and top soil on the spot where No.95 sits but we were convinced there must be something under the soil.

Car No.95 as it appeared in the early part of the war. No.95 was withdrawn in July 1947 co-inciding with the closure of the Fosse Road route. It is thought that No.95 had seen little or no service after the end of the war. No.95 was sold to Edlins of Blaby Wharf in November 1947.

After 2 years in Edlins yard it was eventually purchased by Alice Spiby of Markfield and despatched for a second life as home to chickens! This is Car No.95 as it appeared in 1982. Behind the tree on the extreme left of this image stands Car No.31. You can see the fencing erected to link the two cars making a pen for the chickens.

Car No.95 as it is today!

After a whole days digging with a full team we eventually unearthed the under frame of what was Car No.95!

Even I’m prepared to admit that this one is a bit too far gone for even me but it was certainly encouraging to find something of it still remaining. The Spiby family have very kindly given us the remains of this car too and we intend to salvage the metal work off the under frame. One key reason for doing this is we only have one good collision fender for Car No.31 as the Elder Tree had destroyed the other one. Unfortunately the fender nearest the camera in the phot above is also in a bad state but the far end is in excellent condition and will make a partner for No.31’s. The ornate corner brackets of the wooden under frame will all make excellent exhibits in a future display and so only the rotten wood and mulch will be left behind.

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