Away for the Day!

10 Aug

A day out – this time to Crich to the National Tramway Museum, now branded as Crich Tramway Village.

We were invited by the Engineering team at Crich who really take on some projects and make them good. There are some really first class restorations and rebuilds that come out of their workshops. The engineering team really welcomed us and made us feel extremely good about our own project. The comforting phrase after we showed them pictures of car No.31 was “We’ve seen a lot worse!”

A super day out and a really welcoming and friendly team – we had a great day and came home with much to think about.

Hopefully this will be the start of a long and fruitful friendship for all.

A first class example of just how many layers of undercoat, paint and varnish go into a lower saloon.

Rob and Andy study the Leamington and Warwick car preserved in 'as found' condition. Rob and Andy between them attempted to save Car No.31 back in the 80's (and again in the 90's) with a vision of preserving it just as you see here with plastic chickens and a flower bed but the idea hit many walls and had to be abandoned (twice!).

Another lower saloon side section which gives us an idea on how to use our own lower saloon side section after new sections have been produced.

We also spent a great deal of time crawling over Leicester No.76 to learn more about the car. Unfortunately the pictures I took were all close up studies of various parts and I was so excited I forgot to take a good shot of the overall view of the car! Oh well – something to look forward to on another visit!

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