The last part of No.31

21 Aug

After the success of moving the under frame and No.1 end platform of Car No 31 we thought we should make an effort to move the No.2 end platform to complete the move on No.31. Now we know there is agood Collision Fender on neigbouring No.95 we need to move 31’s good platform so we can get a JCB in to lift 95’s parts out of the ground.

A good friend of ours, Tony, offered his Land Rover and a trailer for the day and we really thought it would be an easy task to get this loaded and moved to our own site.

How wrong could we be?

First of all we remove the rails that surround the platform. There are still parts of the wooden framework attached to this railing and these give us great measurements for the windows that were introduced when LCT rebuilt the car from an open platform to an enclosed car.

Michael demonstrates the drivers duties before the car is parked in the depot for maintenance!

Tony's electric winch makes light work of dragging the platform out of the mud that has gripped it these last 61 years.

So with a winch and four people what could go wrong? Well, we never thought it a problem but the trailer has sides. When we winched the platform up to the trailer we realise that the platform is one inch wider than the trailer!

So after some serious head scratching and the wise words that if we winch it into the trailer (which would be a very tight fit), then how do we get it out of the trailer when we get to the other end? Best thing to do is leave it on blocks for now and try again another day.

As we are leaving it parked in this position all that remained was for Michael to apply the imaginary hand brake and follow the close down procedures for leaving the car.

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