Car No.31 back in the City!

24 Sep

Well, a little bit of it … and for a brief few minutes anyway!

Only two of us on this visit but a different day, a different trailer this time and a little help from a JCB mean no trouble at all getting it on the wagon!

On the move we chose to take a brief diversion into the city boundry deliberately to stage this photo. This is the Western Park tram terminus on Hinckley Road and this is the first time a significant part of a Leicester Tram has passed the terminus in about 62 years!

Car 31 in 1936 prepares to depart the Western Park terminus and return back into the City.

The same view today only this time Car 31 is heading to a destination a little further than the City Centre this time.

We drove down Hinckley Road and then took a right to head out of the City via Wyngate Drive. The intention was to get a snap at the Narborough Road terminus too on our way out to Lutterworth but unfortunately we timed it to coincide with the football crowds leaving town and Narborough Road was at a stand still. Thankfully we had spotted this and chose not to attempt it.

A big thank you to Alan Cooper for helping us with the loan of a suitable trailer and a huge thank you to Adrian for supporting me all day with the muscle, the driving, unloading and the witty banter that took my mind off the pain of a hard days graft!

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