Track Watch 2013 – London Road

30 Jan

A new year and new opportunities to spot the remains of our once proud tramway system.

There’s a series of large manholes at the top end of London Road by the junction with Evington Road. The holes run from Highfield Street to Evington Road and are part of a services replacement scheme. They have revealed large sections of the nearside rail on the outward bound track.

A view looking towards Victoria Park showing the separate digs.

One of the digs shows the work being carried and a good length of tram rail supporting that ladder.

Here's something I never expected - a section of rail being supported by an upturned rail being used as a sleeper (notice the cross section sticking out on to the wood)

The rail here forms the back wall of this hole. As the holes travelled further up London Road they continued at a different trajectory to the rail so we lost sight of the track after this hole.

The previous day to this there was a hole in the central kerbed area outside Conduit Street further down London Road by the Railway Station. Unfortunately I hadn’t a camera on that day – when I returned today they had filled the hole in already! These guys work quick!

Amazing that sections of track keep resurfacing – there’s a lot of lost Leicester underground! Keep your eyes peeled and keep us posted! Happy searching – who knows, this year we may see a junction somewhere?

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