Sliding Doors in Sutton Cheney – Can you help?

10 Aug

Heres a mystery that could prove fruitful if it could be followed up… it’s a tale from a friend of a friend. It’s probably true – but how will we know?

Through a friend that is well connected in church circles I was told the tale recently of a Mr Smith, who about 10-15 years ago was Church Warden at Sutton Cheney. Mr Smith was a very keen gardener and had a homemade shed in his own garden that utilised two lower deck sliding doors (complete with etched glass windows featuring the City Crest) from a Leicester Tram as the doors to his shed.

It is not known if Mr Smith is still around or if the shed still exists – could this be a lead that we are simply too late to follow up?

Can you help? Any ideas?

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