Burton & Ashby Car No.14 at risk!

29 Oct

Your help is urgently needed!

On the edge of Leicestershire, where the border joins with East Staffordshire, ran the beautifully rural Burton and Ashby Light Railway. Opening in 1906 and closing in 1927 the route was unlike any other tramway system in the sense that it was not operated by a city or municipal corporation but by the Midland Railway company as a light railway, mostly on reserved track away from normal roads and traffic (save for a short section of the route in Burton where it shared the tracks with the municipal tramway). The cars were built locally at Brush of Loughborough.

In 1980, a restoration group not unlike our own found that they could not afford to complete the restoration of the sole surviving B&A tram car, No.14, and agreed to sell her to a project in Detroit, USA, where her restoration would be completed and she could run on a new tramway system as a tourist attraction.

She was fully restored and ran for 20 years in the US, but Detroit has fallen on hard times and B&A No.14 is now at risk and is being offered for sale.

She isn’t wanted in Detroit and it would be fantastic if we could bring her home…..

If anyone is interested in helping to purchase the car and return her to the UK, please come to a meeting to be held this coming Saturday, 1st November, at 3pm in the Academia Room at the National Brewery Centre, Horninglow Street, Burton upon Trent.

This is an urgent plea as No.14 is being offered for sale at auction on Wednesday, November 5th.

If you are unable to attend but still wish to pledge your help -please e-mail expressions of interest to tim@timstubbs.vispa.com

2 thoughts on “Burton & Ashby Car No.14 at risk!

  1. Hello! I didn’t see this before, but read a stop press news item in Railway Magazine that Car 14 had been bought and was coming back to the UK. Does this mean you have been able to save her? Fantastic if this is true! Can I ask where She will live, and if it is possible to see her?
    Thanks! David.

  2. Thanks for your comment David. I’m delighted to say that yes the report is correct and that Burton and Ashby No.14 will indeed be coming back to the UK in due course. The credit however goes to an anonymous benefactor who will in due course be known. The Car will return to a very positive new home not too far from its old stomping ground and we are very pleased and excited that this is the case. Although we tried very hard to seek funding for this repatriation and strived to support Tim Stubbs in his ambition to raise funds and awareness of this Car, we were very much against the clock. It was one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a long time! Never-the-less we did not raise enough funds to secure the car and if our anonymous benefactor hadn’t have stepped in then the car would surely have been lost to a private collector in the US. There will be a further press release when No.14 has safely arrived in the UK.

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