Tram in a Box

25 May

A monumental leap forward was made today when a rather impressive SCANIA Hi-Ab HGV turned up at the farm and delivered a sea container for the Leicester Tram 31 Group.

Y2 THS - A Scania HGV Hi-Ab tractor unit belonging to THS Containers of Sharnford, Leicester.

For All Your Container Requirements!

We are very lucky to have the use of this container and we owe a debt of gratitude to some very generous and kind people.

To THS Containers of Sharnford, Leicestershire, for the use of the container and the delivery; To Richard Hayes of Brindley Lift Truck Services Ltd, also of Sharnford, Leicestershire, for making it happen; To Anthony Janes and Roger Cooper who made the introductions and recomendations! Your kindness and efforts have allowed our project to move forward immensely and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without all of you. Lastly thank you to Glynn – the man who dropped off the container – we were so impressed!

See the video of the drop off below and see how close the container was placed to the last standing parts of the tram – expertly controlled and placed within a foot of the lower saloon and nothing damaged! Thank you again!

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