The End of the Beginning…

1 Apr

After lots of hard work and a long web silence we are finally in  a position to report that we have officially unloaded everything out of the container and well and truly moved in to our new home near Lutterworth.

Like a scene from a Genesis album cover our crew move one of the upper deck sides into the shed.

Time to take off the side advert for safe keeping. We intend to make a reproduction advert exactly the same as this one. The original advert was for Greyhound Racing at Leicester Stadium off Blackbird Road. The stadium was also used as the home of the Leicester Lions Speedway team too.

Two upper deck sides standing almost in the position they would have been when on the car. There's actually a 25ft trailer containing the entire kit of parts between these two sides!

Our beloved blue box that provided shelter, security and a safe passage for the tram whilst moving from Markfield to Lutterworth. We shall miss the blue box but sadly there isn't space on our new site to keep it - the site owner only allowed us to put it there for a short time, the neighbours have decided it is killing their hedgerow but more importantly than both of those things - we don't actually own it!! It was very kindly loaned to us by THS Containers of Sharnford and there is going to be a point in time when they begin to want it back so I am greatly relieved that we have managed to empty it after so long.

Yep - it's really empty!! Did I mention that if you want a great deal on container hire from a really friendly family business then you should contact THS Containers of Sharnford?

So there we go – we haven’t been idle even though there hasn’t been a posting for a while – everyone in the team has been busy on the tram and a million other projects – I’ve become a Dad since we started this, I work 100 miles away from home and I’m also doing a PHD so lots happening all at once!! We always said it was going to be a big project but I am so pleased we are finally in our new home. Now comes all the exciting work!!….

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