Car 31 Update

27 Jun

It’s been some time since we reported on progress with Car 31. All is well. We are currently working with the Leicester Transport Heritage Trust to help with the Heritiage Lottery Bid to gain funding for the establishment of the London Road Tram Depot as a Transport Heritage Museum for Leicester. It is hoped that the tram could form part of a second stage lottery bid once we have progressed and reached approval from all parties concerned. The significant investment required to advance the tram car restoration means that the HLF would be an ideal supporter and with the completion of our Stage 1, the securing and relocating of Car 31, we are in a position to take a breather and spend time getting the funding bid right so that we can move in a positive way forward.

Car No.156 makes a brief stop to pick up passenegrs in the city centre on a very wet pre-war day.

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