Track Watch 2015 – Narborough Road Reveals Inbound Track

18 Feb

February has proved the old saying – “You wait ages and then two come along”. Narborough Road heading in to town has been closed to traffic this week between the old Braunstone Hotel site (the original end of the Narborough Road tram route) and Upperton Road for resurfacing work. This meant the road plane was in use and exposed a real treat for passers by.

Local resident, Chris Davies, was present to witness the uncovering of the cobbled road surface and some of the inbound track. A keen follower of our website – Chris took these pictures to share with us. What a great spot!

A reminder of cobbled streets and an electric tram system.

Here you can see the rail has been cut slightly to allow a traffic light control strip to sit in the tarmac.

Looking back - in the out of town direction, the tram lines pass under the railway and climb to the terminus at the former Braunstone Hotel.

A period view from about 1910 at the Narborough Road and Upperton Road Junction. This is where the present road-works end. In this view looking into town, the former Westcotes School is on the right and the building visible on the left is Lloyds Bank today.

Many thanks to Chris Davies for taking the time to send us his discovery – remember if you spot anything on your travels that serves as a reminder of our tramway system please do let us know at [email protected] .

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